"Having Someone Help You, Doesn't Mean You Have Failed,

It Means You Are Not Alone" - Josh Duhamel


Our hearts are filled with hope that we can touch the lives of those that need it the most.  Our voice is for those that cannot speak; for the horses and animals that need a safe haven. - Rachael

For Horses and Heroes is an organization being designed to provide interactive therapy for our veterans by working with horses in a peaceful ranch setting. 

Over 8 years ago we established a private wild horse sanctuary to provide a permanent home for six Spanish Mustangs.  Combined with the need to provide veterans with a tranquil place to rejuvenate, we have decided to go public and start the process for forming a non-profit organization.  The non-profit is registered with NC Secretary of State and is filing the 501C3 for the non-profit status with the IRS.
Your donation will go towards:
  • Ongoing funding to feed and provide care for 9 horses.
  • Renting cottage to start helping veterans - $600/mo. plus utilities.
  • Land donation or sale for large acreage suitable for main building - with dorm style rooms for veterans with handicap access (with main bath areas) with a main kitchen, gathering room, library and media room.  A manager cottage with office and staff cottage,  Build a main barn, run-in shelters and several paddocks with pond/water supply.  Site construction to include paved trails, removal of brush, dead trees, etc.
  • Create Emergency Shelter for pets during coastal evacuations or state emergencies.
  • Adopt shelter animals and provide training to pets and veterans and allow  veterans who form a bond with the selected pet an adoption option.
  • Purchase equine items as needed.
  • Establish a garden/greenhouse area to help feed veterans - also provide educational support on growing natural foods with expansion to selling natural herbs, jellies, etc. 
  • Build a small workshop for learning crafts.
  • Establish a small online/local store to sell items made by veterans to help fund the non-profit.
  • Ongoing support to maintain the sanctuary and help rescue horses and other animals in need.
  • Purchase adjoining vacant properties and develop as funds become available.



Official start of the organization

We are excited about starting the organization to benefit those that need it the most.  Join us on our journey.  On March 7th, 2014 - we received our NC State filing approval for registering the non-profit.